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Welcome to 5SA!

Please check for frequent updates on the 5th Grade Parent Square. We will be posting test dates and when study guides/projects are due.


*All important dates for 5th grade are listed on the Parent Square calendar.*


To access the online textbook and other resources, log in through Class Link on the Milltown Public Schools webpage under Students.

Morning Help Schedule:

Language Arts/Science/Social Studies
Tuesday with Ms. Coester in room 102
Wednesday with Ms. Saso in room 105
Thursday with Ms. Agugliaro in room 105


Tuesday: Mrs Devine in room 103 (Quarters 1 and 3) / Ms. Scarduffa in room 101 (Quarters 2 and 4)
Wednesday with Mrs. Devine in room 103
Thursday with Ms. Scarduffa in room 101