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A Message from Mr. Veit - Update Friday, April 3

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Mr. William Veit, Principal
Good afternoon! We hope this finds everyone happy and healthy! Congratulations on completing week 3 of remote learning! Your efforts and assistance has been nothing short of amazing! On behalf of all the staff, we want to thank you all again! We truly appreciate your help as we all understand how challenging this endeavor can be, especially when you all have your own work responsibilities on top of being your child's new teacher!

Next Friday, April 10, will be a shortened day (early dismissal on our updated calendar) with two fun activities. Homerooms will have a live, but brief, class meeting to be followed by the regularly scheduled Virtual Voyage Field Trip! Then, at 12pm, look out for a special message announcing who our JK Teacher of the Year recipient will be!

It was truly a pleasure to be able to celebrate our March Knights of the Month this past Wednesday through the use of the Homeroom app! I would like to thank Mrs. Samples for her vision and work in making that possible! We would like to thank all of you who have downloaded the Homeroom app and participated in its use as it has become a very simple and easy way for myself, Mrs. Citro, and the teachers to remain connected during these past few weeks.

As we move ahead, we will continue to creatively seek ways to engage the students similarly to what we did by celebrating our Knights of the Month this past week. We look forward to our 4th graders taking over the daily Pledge of Allegiance on the Homeroom app as we know their energy will help us all jump start our days!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and as always, be well!

Mr. Veit