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Science 2020-2021


Welcome to Mrs. Barnes' Science Class


8th Grade

This year some of the topics we are learning about are: motion, forces, energy, magnetism, cellular biology, mutations, evolution, and the nervous system. We will be building our skills on note taking, collaboration within groups, and completing laboratory experiments virtually.



This year we are learning about simple machines and building those machines. Following simple machines, we will complete basic coding and engineering using various online resources and materials.

Hello Parents/Guardians & Students,

Welcome to my teacher bio!

To get to know me a little better, I would like to share with you my inspirations in become a teacher. I have always loved the idea of becoming a teacher since I met my preschool teacher, Mrs. Hulnik. Her kind smile and positivity could brighten anyone’s day. The activities she created were engaging and crafty. It has been so long ago, but the admiration still remains. The seed for the love of learning was planted and continues to grow to this day; I hope that my love for learning and the understanding of its importance will spread to my students. In addition, most of my family members are teachers and of the scientific background. Perhaps it is genetic!

As a student I attended Felician University with a major in both Biology and Education for grades K-12. I graduated cum laude with an award for exceptional student teaching. While I attended Felician University I was a resident assistant for the students living on campus, for three and a half years. I had completed my student teaching in Bishop George Ahr High School, now St. Thomas Aquinas, in Edison New Jersey, and was immediately hired as a substitute art teacher. The following year I was asked to teach full time. While teaching in Bishop Ahr, I taught biology, chemistry, forensics, as well as art.

I had the pleasure of joining the Joyce Kilmer team and taught 7th and 8th grade science as well as robotics! Just like my previous years here I will also have a part within the homework club, morning library club, and now gamers club. This year I am teaching 8th grade science along with robotics.

If needed I am able to be contacted via Parent Square. 

I am excited to meet everyone and plant the seeds of inspiration and love for science and education!