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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good afternoon! We hope this message finds you all healthy and well! It is great to be back home at JK!

Please see below for some notes from the week:

1. Please remind your children to check out the Joyce Kilmer lost and found table located in the hallway nearest the computer lab for any forgotten or lost items. There is a plethora of jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other apparel. North Face, Nike, Polo, and Adidas are just a few of the brand names that can be found. Parents will be able to come in to look for lost items between the times of 3 pm and 4 pm beginning on Monday, June 6th, and up until the last day of school Tuesday, June 14th. After that date, we will be donating any unclaimed items.  

2. Grade 5-7 parents, thank you for your attention to our recently shared elective letter! If you did not make your MSA (current grade 5) or elective selections (Current 5-7) selections before the portal closed yesterday (Thursday), you'll be prompted to do so before viewing report cards on June 14th. Those of you that completed the form will have noticed that in order to continue to address the social emotional needs of our students, Middle School Advisor classes will be expanded to 2 days a week next school year, thus making all electives 3 day, semester long electives. MSA will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays while electives will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

3. In order to continue to secure our school building, and with the utmost attention to student safety, we want to reiterate the need to make appointments before coming to Joyce Kilmer to meet with teachers or administration. This is not only a safety measure, but good practice as walk-ins are not ideal. We appreciate your attention to this  security measure.

4. Thanks to all that participated in this past Wednesday's Bike to School event. Our partnership with Keep Middlesex Moving continues to grow, and it was wonderful to see the children out on their bikes on a warm spring day!  

5. We were thrilled to welcome our incoming 4th grade students (current 3rd graders) to Joyce Kilmer this past Thursday! I am sure all the students remember that walk and initial visit, so it is important to reiterate with them the importance of assisting, helping, and protecting our youngest members of the JK Family, and to elaborate on the amazing leadership opportunity being an upperclassman at Joyce Kilmer presents!  

6. On Friday, June 10th we will be welcoming back the Milltown portion of the Spotswood Class of 2022 for a brief clap out!  We are grateful for this opportunity to reconnect with the JK class of 2018!

7. Tonight, we are excited to celebrate our 8th grade class with the annual Joyce Kilmer 8th Grade Banquet! The students will celebrate "A Knight Under the Stars!" I would like to thank the 8th grade parents who spent their valuable time producing this wonderful event!

Have an excellent weekend everyone! Get outside and enjoy your families!

Be well,
Mr. Veit