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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good afternoon! We hope this finds everyone healthy and well, and we wish everyone a very Happy Memorial Day weekend!

1. As we prepare for the summer months, and the gradual return to normalcy, it is important to highlight the importance of continued academic work this summer. At a time when there is no room for the "summer slide" (unless it's a water slide), please be sure to maintain academic practices with your children as doing so will assist in helping them to hit the ground running in September.

2. Aside from academics, the challenge in school now is, and will continue to be in September, the social and behavioral reacclimation of the students to day to day school life. The students' social and emotional well being is more important now than ever before. One way we have helped in this area long before the pandemic, is through our JK Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This year, the program forged on despite the pandemic, and assisted many students with navigating the school year. I highlight this program here as it is an important resource for our students moving into next year.

3. As per Dr. Brown please be reminded that as of 6/1/2021 the daily health screening will no longer need to be filled out and we will no longer be conducting temperature checks for the students entering the building.   As always, please continue to monitor your child's health prior to sending them to school. This is exciting news as it represents another step towards normalcy!

4. As the early dismissal days approach, please be advised that the students will follow the same 9 period early release schedule that was developed in response to the pandemic. The 9 period early release schedule includes period 3.

5. Please stay tuned, and be sure to check for communications as updates related to Covid mandates are constantly evolving and changing.

6. We were thrilled as Joyce KIlmer was honored, along with a handful of other schools/districts at the recent State School of Character conference. Thank you to Mrs. Citro, the students, teachers, and parents for all the hard work that went into achieving this honor, and for shaping our school culture and climate!

Finally, I would like to thank all the servicemen and women from our Joyce Kilmer, and Milltown families. Your service is never forgotten, very much appreciated by all, and will always be highlighted by the students and administration of Joyce Kilmer School.


Be well,
Mr. Veit