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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good afternoon! We hope everyone is healthy, well, happy, and ready for the weekend!

With yesterday's exciting news from Dr. Brown that at Monday's Board of Education meeting, our updated reentry plan will be shared, it feels like we are waiting for the holidays in February!

Our commitment to the constant process of gathering information, brainstorming plans, implementing plans, and then reflecting and adjusting those plans has been no easy task. There is no road map that is free of obstacles and unintended consequences. The one thing that is clear, is that there is no one plan that addresses the specific and varying needs of everyone. It is so important to understand the gravity of the responsibility of accounting for everyone's needs, and the time and care that goes into doing that.

Nonetheless, we have developed a plan with safety, education, and socialization in mind that will help us get back to learning, and to each other again!

I will be following up Monday's BOE meeting and announcements with Joyce Kilmer specific and detailed information, calendars, and schedules to assist in making everything clear to our JK family.

In the meantime, as a reminder, please be sure to contact the school nurse with any health and Covid related issues your children may be having. Contacting the teacher is not sufficient if there is concern or illness.  Also, as a reminder, February 25th is the last day for "opting in" to in person learning for the month of March. Thank you for your attention to these matters!

We are truly entering a new phase of this process and we are enthused, optimistic, and poised for any challenges. Most of all, we are HAPPY as we will soon be able to expand on what we used to take for granted!

Have a great weekend!

Be well,
Mr. Veit