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School Closure Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good evening. We hope this message finds you all healthy and well. As per Dr. Brown's very recent message, beginning tomorrow, Friday, November 13th, we will be closing Joyce Kilmer School to in person learning until we return to the Hybrid model on Monday, November 30th.

Instruction will run on the same early release schedule we have been using, and Wednesdays (11/18 and 11/29) will also remain the same as this past Wednesday utilizing posted lessons and an open teacher meet from 10 am to 12:40 pm. Essentially, all students will be on their "out of school" days in the hybrid model.

Please be aware that there could be some changes to the delivery of instruction during this timeframe because of the fact that the teachers will be running Google meets from their chromebooks at their homes as opposed to running the Google meets from their Smart Televisions in school. As was previously discussed and established, hosting Google meets from the teacher chromebooks has proven problematic as it relates to meeting drops. In order to combat this problem, your child's teachers may be moving to more pre recorded and posted lessons and assignments (similar to Wednesdays). You can expect communication from your child's teachers if this is the case. Also, as previously mentioned, we are receiving new teacher laptop computers that will help with this issue should this situation wind up being prolonged.

Please understand that this does not mean that all JK students and or parents need to personally quarantine. Nurse Conger is available to answer any questions you may have related to this situation, and Covid in general.

We all have been aware that a situation like this was a real possibility, and I believe we are prepared to make this adjustment. All of the work, preparation, and discussions we have had previous to this day have set us up for this abrupt transition, and I firmly believe we will continue to deliver quality instruction given the circumstances. We understand this is disappointing for the students that have recently returned in the Hybrid model, and it is not lost on us that the places a strain on working families. This is a measure of safety given the parameters set forth by the CDC and Department of Health. Please understand that these decisions are not made in a vacuum, but with input from the aforementioned parties, and with the health and well being of the students, staff, and all Milltown families in mind.

I would like to thank you all for your flexibility, support, amd understanding as during this challenge. We will again rise to this challenge as the Joyce Kilmer family that we are. Please expect continued communications as usual during this timeframe.

Be well,
Mr. Veit