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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good afternoon! We hope you all have had a great week, and we hope that you have had a chance to read, view, and digest the information sent out in yesterday's email from Dr. Brown that included the plan for bringing students back, and the latest instructional model tutorial video. I have attached each of those items in this email for your convenience.

We know this is a lot to digest, and as always, we appreciate your time and effort, and welcome your questions. Attached I have included the calendar used in the video to explain the phase in. I have also included the example of a highlighted calendar indicating the schedule of one student (a 5th grader in the Hybrid "A" group) as an example of how to assist in organizing your children. Please review this information, and please reach out with any questions or concerns as we are happy to assist.

A few points of consideration as we begin October, and the gradual reintroduction to the students into the building in the hybrid learning model:

1. Please be aware that all in person clubs are currently on hold, however expect information related to the start of virtual clubs in the coming weeks.

2. Please note that the early dismissal schedule that students will be following on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will include period 3. See attached.

3. Please note that Wednesdays will now be all remote days for both students and teachers in order to deep clean the buildings as per the reopen plan. Students are meeting in the morning for morning/advisory meetings, and there will be posted assignments for students to complete. Students with Wednesday only quarter, semester, or special classes should expect posted assignments from these classes, as well as their other classes.

4. Ahead of the student phase-in beginning, should you wish to change from all remote to hybrid, or vice versa, please notify me as soon as possible. Should you wish to change your child from all remote learning to one of the on site groupings once the phase-in is underway, please be sure to notify me no later than the last week of the month for an adjustment to be made the following month.

As I said in the video yesterday, we know this is a lot of information, and you are already fatigued with the amount of communications you receive. I mentioned on BTSN that I too share in that feeling as the communications from my son's principal and district are constant. Please know that given the circumstances, they are necessary, and we are here to assist with any and all questions.

Your patience and understanding is always appreciated, and as we move into Hybrid learning, that patience and understanding is needed now more than ever. We are very excited to see your children live and in person, and as we adjust to having students in the class and on a live stream, please know that there will be a learning curve, and getting to ideal will take time. The teachers are working VERY hard to make this situation as comfortable and as productive as possible for all.

I have the utmost confidence, in our staff, the preparations we have gone through, and in our students and parents. We will all rise to this next phase of this challenge as a JK, and as a MIlltown family

Milltown Public Schools - Hybrid Learning Informational Video
Passcode: bNj08+2$

Be well,
Mr. Veit