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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,
On behalf of the entire staff, we'd like to thank you all for participating in our first ever virtual Back to School Night! We hope everyone enjoyed the informational videos and the teacher led Q and A sessions. As a reminder, if you have any questions specific to your child, their teachers are available anytime through phone, email, or Parent Square. Formal parent teacher conferences will be held later in the quarter.
As a reminder, we are closed on Monday for Yom Kippur. Tuesday will be a B day for middle schoolers, and Wednesday of next week is an early dismissal schedule day. 
We appreciate everyone's attention to the many communications that are constantly being released. As I said last night, if there are ever any questions, please contact us directly at JK.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and be safe!
Mr. Veit