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Important Message from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good afternoon! We hope everyone is off to a great start this week! Below please find information related to all remote early dismissal Wednesdays as well as Back to School Night this Thursday!

Please find attached the updated early dismissal schedule. This schedule, unlike the normal early dismissal schedule, includes period 3 as this has an impact on Middle School students. Please remember that each Wednesday moving forward, while in the all remote learning model, students will be on an early dismissal day schedule. Students will be following the early dismissal times that are reflected on the attached schedule, along with their classes as they are listed in Genesis. The main difference comes with students in grades 4 and 5. On Wednesdays, during all remote learning, grades 4 and 5 students will have their classes, including special area classes (Phys Ed, Music, etc.), as they appear on their Wednesday Genesis schedules during the attached times. The teacher shared special area class schedule set for all remote learning is now only in effect on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please feel free to talk to your child's 4th and 5th grade teacher if you need clarification as they are tailoring things to the specific class and student. 

As I have mentioned before, this is similar to what was done on September 2nd, 9th, and 11th, only now, it is only on Wednesdays during all remote learning.

Please reach out with any questions.

Also attached, please find the Virtual 2020-2021 Back to School Night schedule. You will find your child's teachers' names on a grid with specific start and end times for their sessions. The teacher sessions will include an informational video, and then, a Google meet for a Q and A with the teacher. The links to the informational videos and the Q and A meets are located to the right of the teachers' names. The grid is broken out first by grade, and then by teacher. The teacher led Q and A sessions will begin after the teacher informational videos are over. Please watch the teacher video, on Thursday, at the beginning of the teacher's scheduled time before joining the Google meet as the Q and A meets will not begin until after the videos are complete.

Please adhere to the times as they are specific and designed for no overlap particularly for Middle School parents. You will be watching the informational videos and then have the opportunity to speak with your child's teachers about the general programming of the classes. Please remember that specific questions about your child should be saved for Parent Teacher Conferences coming up later in the quarter.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we attempt another "first" this school year, a virtual Back to School Night!

Have a wonderful week, and we will see you all Thursday!

Be well,
Mr. Veit