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Textbook Distribution

We will be setting up times for textbook/materials pick up and a brief, and safe, meet and greet with the teachers beginning on September 14th. We will have one grade level per day on each of the 5 days as indicated:

Grade 4 - 9/14
Grade 5 - 9/15
Grade 6 - 9/16
Grade 7 - 9/17
Grade 8 - 9/18

We will conduct these meets in the afternoons between 1 and 3 pm each day. They will take place in 2 areas along West Church Street. One area being just after the crosswalk, and the other being the driveway near the garden. We will refer to these areas as "crosswalk" and "driveway" when informing you as to where you and the students will be meeting the teachers, and receiving the books and materials . We will group teachers in each area safely distanced and with your child's bundles of books and materials set out by name on tables. We ask that you direct your children to maintain a safe distance and to please wear masks when coming to pick up day.

The meets will be held in lieu of live instruction during the afternoon on pick up days for the scheduled grade level. For example, on 9/14/2020, there will be no instruction in the afternoon for grade 4 (ONLY) as they will be picking up their books.

Mrs. Bottiglieri will be sending an electronic sign up sheet for time slots within the 120 minute windows each pick up day. If you had an 8th grader last year, you will notice that this process is similar to the one we used for our walk up promotion.

On the days that grade 4 and 5 will be seeing their students, instruction will stop at 12 pm, and lunch will take place between 12 and 12:50 pm in order to be ready for the 1 pm pick up start. Students will meet their homeroom and switch class teachers on their pick up day.

For students in grades 6-8, on their designated pick up days, they will have their period 1 and 2, or 5/6 and 7 (depending if it is an "A" or "B" day), and after their lunch time (12:05 - 12:55), pick up will begin at 1 pm. Students will meet their homeroom teacher, and possibly others, on their pick up day depending on their schedule.

If you have a summer project, textbooks or JK library books that need to be returned, please bring them on your designated pick up day as we will have drop off bins for each type of item.   Please place items in a plastic bag, labeled with your child's name and current grade.  

Locations for meets

Grade 4 - 9/14/2020  Boylston/Agugliaro, Barbato, Deaver (Crosswalk) - Jackson, Sterling (Driveway) 1-3 pm

Grade 5 - 9/15/2020 - Coester, Scarduffa (Crosswalk) - Saso/Dawes, Devine (Driveway) 1-3 pm

Grade 6 - 9/16/2020 - Beniaminson, Imparato, Grasso (Crosswalk) - Dysart, McCarthy, Lipschutz, Vitale (Driveway) 1-3 pm  

Grade 7 - 9/17/2020 - Marinello, Schaechter (Crosswalk) - Wrate, Weinstein (Driveway) 1-3 pm

Grade 8 - 9/18/2020 - Barnes, Nehila, Seesman (Crosswalk) - DeFalco, Zahorchak (Driveway) 1-3pm

We will be watching the weather closely in anticipation of rain dates for each day.

Please reach out to the main office if you need any assistance with this process.

Be well!

Thank you,
Mr. Veit