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Online Remote Learning

As outlined in the virtual school house plan, students are expected to be “present” each day for online learning. Every morning, students must sign on to their homeroom Google attendance form provided to them electronically by their homeroom teachers. Students must submit their attendance on this form prior to 9:30 am each day that school is closed.

Students who do not sign on by 10:30am will be marked as absent in Genesis. This will prompt an attendance phone call and text message to Guardian 1 and 2. While school is closed, this call is being used to indicate that your child has not signed on to the Google attendance form to indicate that they are "present".

Parents should still call the attendance line if their child is unable to log on to the attendance form by 9:30am AND/OR if their child or any family members are ill. Please be sure to describe their symptoms so that we may track illness trends.