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Spotswood High School

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After eighth grade promotion, our Milltown resident students continuing in public education attend Spotswood High School. Milltown has enjoyed a successful send-receive relationship with Spotswood Public Schools for over 30 years. A send-receive agreement is different than a regional high school in the basis of tax levy collection and distribution as well as regulations governing operations.
In our send-receive relationship with Spotswood, tuition is paid through the local tax levy for the Milltown Public Schools and not by a separate regional tax. Tuition is then paid per student to Spotswood based on a projected enrollment that is adjusted to an actual cost by a state audit review every two years.
Provisions of N.J.S.18A:38-13 and N.J.S.18A:38-21 mandate that we continue our send-receive high school agreement with Spotswood Public Schools unless we can demonstrate that our sending population represents less than three percent of the total student enrollment attending the receiving district.
Currently, Milltown students represent about 15% of Spotswood's enrollment. Students have a choice to attend the county public vocational-technical schools or pay out-of-pocket tuition to attend private/parochial schools as an alternative to Spotswood High School.