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March Madness

March Madness


Friday, March 1, 2019

The March Madness Basketball event is a pair of spirited basketball games where fun and enjoyment take precedence over winning and losing.


Game 1 features the 8th grade students and Milltown community members.

Game 2 features Joyce Kilmer and Parkview staff and the Joyce Kilmer Boys and Girls basketball teams.



At this time, we do not have a chairperson for the March Madness committee.  In order to continue planning this exciting annual event, we are requesting a parent volunteer(s) to lead this committee. This lead person(s) would work with the 8th grade advisors and other committee members to organize this event. Committee planning is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks.  The lead can be shared between two parents/guardians.

If you are interested in leading the committee and/or have any questions about this role, please contact 8th grade co-advisors:

Mr. Barton - 

Mrs. Bottiglieri -