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Morning Drop Off Procedures

Student Crossing Sign

In an effort to first, keep our students safe during morning drop off, and to expedite everyone's process as we all know how valuable our morning minutes are, it is imperative to follow the standard drop off procedures that are already in place when it comes to dropping off our students in the morning.

As a reminder to these procedures that are outlined in the Milltown Public Schools Handbook, please review and adhere to the following: 

·         When dropping off your children, we encourage you to pull past the crossing guard and the cones located directly across from the library. The reason for this is because if cars begin to stop prior to this point in the street, the traffic begins to back up on West Church Street, and in turn, on to Main Street.  Additionally, students dropped off before the crosswalk will walk across the school parking lot in order to get to the school building which is prohibited, and a  serious safety concern as there are cars entering and leaving the parking lot at that time.

·         After pulling up to an open area on the school side of the street (never the left of the street as we do not want students crossing the street unless using the crosswalk), let your children out of the car and immediately proceed to leave down West Church Street. The reason for this is to again avoid the buildup of traffic along West Church Street, and to expedite the drop off process for everyone involved.    Waiting with your child in the car causes major delays and can indirectly cause alternate drop off areas which is also a serious safety concern.   In the event that you pull over to drop off your children on the left side of the street, be sure to have your children walk to the crossing guard near the library to cross the street.  Never have your child run across the street when dropping off on the left side of West Church Street. We strongly encourage dropping off on the school side (right side) of West Church Street to avoid this issue. 

Please also refer to the rainy and cold weather procedures located below where we highlight the process of allowing students to enter the building at 8:25 am, as opposed to 8:35 am. Students dropped off at the proper time will not be left outside as during the winter months, and when there is inclement weather, students enter the building at 8:25 am and are supervised in the gymnasium until 8:35 am when they are released to class.    

Please pass this information along to anyone responsible for dropping off your children in the morning. It is important that grandparents, friends, babysitters, guardians, and anyone dropping off your children in the morning  are aware of these procedures as they are major safety concerns for our students, and major time issues for all of those involved in the process.