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Current Events Articles
Current Events

If you're having a hard time trying to find an interesting article for Current Events, look here!!!

Journeys Textbook

If you really liked any of the stories that we read in class, you can read them at home with your family, too!!  Also, you can look at your reading tests on this site.

Username: student

Password: panda4

(Make sure the school is Parkview.)

Math and Science Books

Username: JKGRADE42017

Password: MILLTOWN4

PARCC Practice Tests
PARCC Practice Tests

Brain Pop
Brain Pop

Username: mtkilmer
Password: schools


Math Websites (Fractions)
Equivalent Fractions

Find Grampy

This site will give you practice estimating fractional amounts.

Fresh Baked Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Tony's Fraction Pizza

Pac-Man Fractions Math

Comparing Fractions

Walk the Plank Fractions

Fraction Fling

Clara's Fraction Ice Cream

Math Websites
IXL Math Practice

Login to IXL by using your regular username and password.


Multiplication Arrays

Multiplication Arrays

Multiplication Arrays

Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games

Long Division Practice

Division Games

Long Division Practice

Long Division Practice

Harcourt School Math

Internet 4 Classrooms

Sheppard Software Math

Mr. Nussbaum Math

Math 4 Children

Math Playground

PBS Kids Math Games

ABCya! Math

Science Websites
Structure Fits Function

Rocks & Minerals

Identify Rocks

Virtual Rock Lab


Layers of Time Fossils Game


Science Kids Interactive Website

This website has information and games for a variety of different science topics we study, like Earth, Animals, Light, Sound, and Physics.  You'll find the topics at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the topic that you want to explore.  You can also click on the Games button at the top of the screen to find interactive games.  Have fun!

Weebly Interactive Science Games

Visit this website as we explore different science topics throughout the year.

Internet 4 Classrooms Science Games

This website has a variety of science topics to explore.  Click on the topic that interests you!

Conductors & Insulators

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Energy Quest

National Geographic

Social Studies
Lenape Life

NJ State Symbols