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Language Arts

In language arts we continue to build our stamina, work with words, and collaborate to learn while integrating technology. We have also discussed how to answer questions using the R.A.C.E.S. strategy. This means we must Restate, Aanswer, Cite, Explain, and Sum up our written responses. We have recently worked with nonfiction texts and text features. We worked on the strategies of inferring/predicting, visualizing and summarizing and the skills of vocabulary, author's word choice, sequence of events, and synonyms.

We are currently working on our opinion writing pieces. We are answering the question, "Should plastic water bottles be banned?" The students are doing a fabulous job using sources to support their opinion. We are focusing on the skill of paraphrasing. 

Social Studies

We just completed Chapter 8. We have explored New Jersey's involvement in the Underground Railroad and the Civil War 


We have just begun our unit on energy and heat. We will focus on the different forms of energy including: potential and kinetic, sound, thermal, light, and electrical. 

Current Events

Each week in 4G, three students will be in charge of current events. They will need to find or print an article and read it. They will then need to summarize and reflect on this event. Don't forget to attach your article to your work. We look forward to hearing about the current events you will talk to us about!