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Jill Maiorano Staff Photo

What are we learning about? 

What's going on in 4MV?


          Did you look closely at that STOP sign the last time you were in the car???  What shape is it?? Yep, that’s an octagon.  Geometry is all around us!!  We’re going to be learning all about lines, angles, and shapes.  Some terms will be familiar, like triangles, but others may be new.  There will be a lot of names to remember, but we’ll try to play some games and do some creative projects to help us remember all of the terms.  Hopefully you’ll find you like geometry as much as I do!!!



          Did you watch any television today?  Did you call or text anyone on the phone??  I bet you turned on at least one light when you entered a room.  Were so lucky that people invented all the amazing things that we use each day!  In social studies were going to be learning about some famous and not so famous inventors who lived in New Jersey.  Maybe youll find that you use some of their inventions each day!!!

 Come to school ready to learn and have fun!