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Jill Maiorano Staff Photo

What are we learning about? 

What's going on in 4MV?


          How many minutes have you been playing that video game?  How much water did you drink during your baseball game?? What size string do you need to make that bracelet???  Have you asked yourself any of those questions lately???? If so, then youve been thinking about measurement!  We use measurement ALL the time! From baking cakes to finding a pair of sneakers that fit just right, measurement is all around us.  As we discuss different units of measurement in math, youre going to realize that life would be very confusing without customary units of measurement.  Were so lucky!!!



          I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill...  What exactly is a bill???  A bill is an idea that someone wants turned into a law.  NJ laws are made in the NJ State House, which is where we'll be going for our class trip.  Before we go, we'll be writing up some of our own bills and seeing if they'll pass in our "make believe" Senate and General Assembly in 4MV.  By the time we go to the State House, you'll be an expert on NJ government and you'll really be able to enjoy our class trip!!

 Come to school ready to learn and have fun!