Jill Maiorano Staff Photo

What are we learning about? 

What's going on in Miss Maiorano's class?


          Have you memorized all of your basic multiplication facts yet???  I hope so, because now it’s time to use those facts to solve division problems.  We’ll be estimating division problems and also learning long division to find exact answers.  If you still have a few basic facts that you’re having trouble remembering, you can always work in ALEKS at home to master those facts.  Long division will be so much easier if you know your facts!!! 


          What do you know about ecosystems? Our next science unit is all about ecosystems! I bet you’ve heard of the desert and the rainforest. Those are ecosystems!! We’re going to read about the different ecosystems and learn why some plants and animals can survive in a certain ecosystem and others can’t. We’ll also discuss ways that living things affect the environment. Did you know that plants can help their environment, but they can also harm the environment? Finally, we’ll explore fossils and learn why scientists study them. Throughout this unit we’ll be doing some fun activities during Science Lab to help us understand the information in our book.

 Come to school ready to learn and have fun!