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Students can sign on to the Math, Science, and SS textbooks through Classlink using their Google username and password.

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Language Arts:


1. Reading Repsonse Letter due: Feb 13, 2019 

Please see the new style of reading response below:


3,2,1…2  Reading Response




You included a three sentence or longer summary of what your read this week.

This week  read “Owl Diaries;  Woodland Wedding” by Rebecca Elliott. about an Owl named Eva threw a wedding for her teacher. She had help from a lot of her friends, classmates, etc. Even the bully helped out, and gave the most perfect dress.

You included two words or phrases you found interesting and you included an explanation of what they mean and why they are interesting to you.

I found it interesting they say “flapperrefic”. They have a funny language, so it makes me laugh. They also say “flappy-fabulous” and I like it for the same reasons.

You included one wondering about what you have read this week.

I am wondering how the wedding will go.

You have responded to two of your classmates.

This part will be completed in class using the chromebooks. Please make sure you response is written using your google account.

2. Students are expected to continue independent reading at home everyday. They have reading goals to meet for thier 40 Book Challenge. 




Science: Chapter 5 - Ecosystems

Study Guide due: Feb. 14th

Unit Test: Feb. 21st


We are currently working on: Chapter 5


We spend 4 -6 class periods a week on each lesson. Students review new vocabulary, partner read, work on questions/projects in Google Classroom,  and Review with a teacher before we move on to a new lesson. Students are asked to reread the lesson at home for homework at least one time and may have one or two questions per week.



Social Studies: Chapter 3

 Study Guide due: Feb. 5th

Unit Test: Feb. 12th 




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