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Language Arts News:


Students are expected to continue independent reading at home. They have reading goals they are trying to reach before the end of the year.



Don't forget the 40 Book Challenge! Our classes have been doing an incredible job boosting our reading time. What are your reading goals? How will you achieve your goal? 



40 Book Challenge - We are over 1/2 of the way through the year. Most students should have read 20+ books at this point.


The next reading response is due May 2, 2018 

3,2,1….2  Reading Response




You included a three sentence or longer summary of what your read this week.


You included two words or phrases you found interesting and you included an explanation of what they mean and why they are interesting to you.


You included one wondering about what you have read this week.


You have responded to two of your classmates.





Chapter 5 - The Water Cycle and Weather.

Students should do as much homework in 15-20 minutes as possible for this subject in one night if they have incomplete work from class.

Chapter 5 Test - 3/28



Social Studies: Chapter 5


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Class Code - J6GT6