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Supply List 

Thinking about the 2017-18 school year?


I have attached a Supply List on Amazon (see link below). Please do not feel obligated to order the supplies on Amazon; it was created to provide a visual of the supplies. 

Amazon Supply List -

1 - 3 ring binder (2-3 inches)

1 - pack of loose-leaf paper (reinforced)

1 - 5-pack dividers (plastic dividers are more durable)

1 - composition notebook (will be kept at school)

1 - durable post-it tabs

1 -  zippered pouch with three holes (it can be clipped into the binder - should be able to fit a novel inside of it)

1 - accordion folder (should be used for ALL classes)


**Please send in a box of tissues and/or a box of anti-bacterial wipes to keep our classroom germ free