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Jill Maiorano Staff Photo

Other Class Info

Google Classroom  

If you want to login to Google Classroom at home, you can!  Your username is your 6-digit ID# followed by and your password is the same one you use to login at school.  Login and show your family the assignments we do in school!

Homework Club  

Are you looking for a quiet place to do your homework?  If so, then Homework Club is the place for you.  It's every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00.

Miss Maiorano's Songs  

Check out the "Files to Download" section for songs about topics we're studying.  Who knows, the songs just might help you remember some important information!!  You'll even find the words in case you want to sing along!! :)

Online Textbooks  

Your Math, Science, and Reading textbooks are online!!  Check out the links on this page and see the fun games you can play that go along with what we're learning in class.