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Mr.  William  Zahorchak
Language Arts Teacher - Grades 7 & 8
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What's Going On in Mr. Zahorchak's Class?   

  Welcome Parents & Students! 

AM Tutoring: Friday's Before School

 Welcome Back! 

 Grade 7 Assignments/Announcements: Highlighted in Yellow

Grade 8 Assignments/Announcements: Highlighted in Green 


7th Grade: 


Due Monday:  

Due Tuesday: Vocabulary workshop unit 14 introduced in class

Due Wednesday:  "Seedfolks" pgs. 66-82/Packets completed

Due Thursday:  PARCC Practice Test in class/IXL/ short responses on google classroom 

Due Friday:  "SeedFolks"  finish novel  / Packets completed

** Book Club: "The Maze Runner" pgs. 30-60 due


                                                                                 8th Grade: 


Due Monday: The Pigman Chapter 14

Due Tuesday:Vocabulary workshop unit 14 introduced in class 

Due Wednesday:  "The Pigman" Chapter 15/ Study Guide Questions

Due Thursday: Persuasive topic/sheet due

Due Friday: "The Pigman" Test



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Text Access: (textbooks used in class)

 Grade 7

username: JKGRADE72016
password:  MILLTOWN7
Grade 8
username: JKGRADE82016
password:  MILLTOWN8





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