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March Madness  

During the month of March:

  • Students are working on persuasive writing
  • Reading Bud, Not Buddy and researching the Great Depression
  • IXL to practice grammar skills

New in November  

Book - Watsons Go To Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

Writing - RACE responses & using evidence to support claims

Topic - Civil Rights Movement

September - Welcome Back Students & Parents!!  



School is something,
we must all embrace.
Knowledge we need,
to seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,
are plentiful and vary.
Just like the backpacks,
we all need to carry.

Sports, clubs, and activities,
at every single turn.
So much to do,
study and learn.

To get the most from school,
we should consistently attend.
Around each corner,
there's always a friend.

Our favorite teachers,
are friendly and kind.
Their passion and job,
to expand every mind.

School is something,
we must all embrace.
Just remember to learn,
at your own pace.



Announcement Image for September - Welcome Back Students & Parents!!