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Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!  

Welcome to Grade 7 Language Arts Class!!     Marking Period 2

We are currently :

* continuing to read/analyze our 1st class novel -  Where the Red Fern Grows.

The next book we will study is The Giver.

* free-writing in a daily journal and keeping a 1st person narrative account of our class novel to show we understand the text. The students "become" the main character, Billy, and write down main events as they happen in each chapter. 

* continuing to strengthen critical thinking by answering thought questions

*  studying singular, plural, and possessive nouns and how to properly spell them and use them in sentences

* continuing to discuss the use of higher-level vocabulary for both reading/writing purposes  

* studying/analyzing  a model example of explanatory writing before writing our own pieces

* continuing to practice for the PARCC and building upon different skills with a review of all the lessons in the Spring.


All of these activities will address reading + writing together. Remember that the key to writing is being able to first, think about what is going to be written using a web model, or outline. Then, you will be given a guide to use that will teach you how to form each paragraph. A sample essay written by me will help model what your piece should look like.  Last, you will proofread your essay to ensure everything is well placed. In other words, you will follow the writing process as you write. 

Students - Please be prepared to learn...I will challenge you every day.


All of my students should bring a pencil to class every single day!