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Jill Maiorano Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Math 4G, Math 4M, Science 4M, Social Studies 4M


          My name is Miss Maiorano, and I’m excited to be your 4th grade teacher! I’ll be teaching you Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health this year. Miss Garlatti will be teaching you Language Arts. You and I will have plenty of time to get to know each other this year, but if you’re curious to know a little bit about me, here’s a preview.

          I’m a huge sports fan!! My favorite sport is baseball. I watch some games on tv, but my favorite thing to do is to visit different ballparks. I’ve already visited more than 20 of them!! My goal is to see a game in every major league ballpark!! This summer I drove to Colorado and Kansas City to see the Rockies and the Royals play. Unfortunately both teams lost, but I had fun exploring the different stadiums.

          When I’m not visiting ballparks in the summer, I’m usually at the beach. My family has a shore house in Seaside Park, and I spend most of my summer there. I enjoy relaxing on the beach with a good mystery book, and I also love to swim in the ocean. My favorite things to do at the beach, though, are to dig in the sand and splash in the water with my nephews, Matthew and Ben, and my niece, Anna. They come to the beach a lot in the summer, and I usually need a vacation after they leave. They tire me out, but I love them more than anything! Get ready to hear lots of stories about my niece and nephews!

          I’ve been teaching 4th grade for a long time here in Milltown, but each year is different because each class is filled with different students with different interests. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. If you can’t wait until the first day of school to tell me about yourself, email me! I’d love to know about your interests. Maybe we have some of the same interests, or maybe you’ll teach me about some topics I don’t know much about. My email address is  It can also be found on the Joyce Kilmer School Website. I can’t wait to get to know you!