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Principal's Corner

Mid Year 2016-17

Mr. William Veit, Principal

As 2017 begins, we are rapidly approaching the midway point of the school year, and it is time to assess our goals moving forward. It is important to review how far we have come, and to set up new goals to reach for the second half of the school year, and for 2017. 


It is important to take a moment, and take an inventory of what you have set your mind to, and accomplished so far this school year. Maybe it was getting a certain grade in a certain class. Maybe it was becoming active in the the school community by partaking in a school club, or student council. Either way, it is important to be proud of yourself after setting a goal, working hard, and achieving that goal. 


Moving forward, it is now time to pick out something else that is important to you, and that you would like to achieve. With the help of your parents, teachers, and coaches, form a plan on how to get there, stick to that plan, and reach your new goal. You have all proven that you can do anything! Make 2017, and the second half of this school year, a story of success and growth by setting new goals and achieving them!