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Principal's Corner

September 2017

Mr. William Veit, Principal

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Joyce Kilmer School! We hope you all had a fun filled, happy, and enjoyable summer with your families and friends! We are so excited to return to school for the upcoming year, and we embrace the challenges, growth, and conquests it is sure to bring!

As we prepare and look ahead to the upcoming school year, we would like to highlight some of the educational items that will become the focus for our students during this year. After last year's expansion on our district wide Google initiative, we are excited to now reap the benefits of another year with the Google platform under our belts. We look forward to the students continued use of the many aspects of the Google platform as well as other technology related initiatives from last school year like our 3 dimensional Makerspaces printer and scanner and the subject based integrated lessons that go along with them.

In order to assist our teachers in maximizing our technological capabilities, and to bring our curriculum into this technology, our staff will be working with Dellicker Strategies throughout the school year. Dellicker Strategies will focus on the most current and relevant means of integrating technology into the classroom lessons given our curriculum, and our available technology.

Additionally, teachers and students will be focusing the experience of, and planning for, productive struggle. Student perseverance in problem solving, no matter the subject or topic, is an important and necessary skill that needs to be experienced and developed. Teachers will be focusing on anticipating student struggle, and subsequently planning for when this occurs. Part of this experience includes guiding the struggling student through their struggle and frustrations while maintaining a positive attitude and highlighting that working through hardship and difficulties is a normal experience.   


Mr. Veit