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William  Veit
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Principal's Corner

September 2018

Mr. William Veit, Principal

We would like to happily welcome you all to the 2018-19 school year at Joyce Kilmer!  We hope you all have had a relaxing, joyous, and fun filled summer with your children and families. We are very excited to be beginning a new school year, and we look forward to the academic and social challenges and growth that we are all sure to experience!

As we begin the school year and renew our focus on our students’ academic growth, the teachers, administration, and staff will further build upon last year's focus on the infusion of technology by using the skills that we all took away from our experience with the Dellicker group. The addition of station rotations with multiple outlets for the use of technology assisted our students as 21st century learners while enhancing our lessons and gaining the students interest. We will further build upon that experience this school year.

The teachers, administration, and staff will also be placing a focus on STEM with the addition of our STEM lab located in the media center. This lab will include specific stations focusing on a myriad of integrated activities designed to bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to the forefront of our student’s minds. The addition of a media room complete with a green screen and multimedia camera will bring communicative opportunities and possibilities to our students that we never before were able to.

Additionally, a renewed focus on productive struggle, and specific and targeted planning for student struggle will be in the forefront of my discussions with the teaching staff throughout this school year. We will also, as always, be critically evaluating our test scores from this past year in relation to both state and in district comparisons.  Areas needing improvement will be specifically identified, planned for, and addressed during the school year.  We look forward to an amazing 2018-19 school year!


Mr. Veit