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About Me

My name is Colin Copperthwaite and this is my second year teaching Physical Education and Health at Joyce Kilmer School. Since I have graduated from Kean University I have been teaching as a long term Physical Education and Health sub in multiple other school districts. I have experienced teaching every grade level from PreK-12th grade. This year at JK I will be coaching Girls Soccer and Boys Basketball.

Joyce Kilmer Physical Education and Health Policies


-Health and Physical Education is required by state law of each student enrolled.

-All students will be scheduled for three marking periods of Physical Education and one marking period of either Health, Life Skills, or Family Life.

-6th Grade is the only grade that may take intramural sports as an elective.

-All 6th-8th grade students must change for Physical Education class or they will be marked "unprepared." Appropriate dress code consists of athletic, shorts, shirts, sneakers and/or sweat suit. All gym attire must conform to the school dress code.

-All students must be in gym area when the passing bell rings.

-Five (5) minutes will be given on both ends of the period to change into and out of physical education attire.

-All students must sit in their squad spots during attendance.

-All students will remain in the gym lined up until the passing bell rings.

-Lock All Personal Valuables: Money, jewelry, electronics and other valuables should be secured in a locked locker during gym class. Each student is assigned their own locker. Students are encouraged to use their locker to secure their valuable items. Any valuable items that do not fit into the locker may be stored in the gym office upon request. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.


Physical Education and Health Grading Policies

Students begin marking period with a 100% as a grade.

Students can earn 5 daily points.

2 points for being prepared.

1 points for participating in warm up.

2 points for participating in the daily activity.

Health will be graded based on the total points system. 70% Class Activities 30% Tests.




-All physical education limitations and excuses shall be issued by the school nurse prior to gym class.

-Parent requests for limitations or excuses are limited to three days per marking period.

-Students requesting extended physical education limitations or excuses (more than 3 days) must have their health care provider complete the “Physical Education Excuse” form which is available in the Nurse’s Office and on the High School Health Office website.

-Students who are unable to fully participate in Physical Education may not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities until medically cleared.

-A student will be allowed one Nurses note for being excused from class a Marking period.

When a student is returning from an injury their doctors note must be cleared with the nurse before participating in class.