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Weekly Update from Mr. Veit

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Good afternoon! We hope you all had a wonderful week, and again, we hope any issues any of you may have had related to the recent run of bad weather have all been resolved safely! 
We are looking forward to our first Monday and Tuesday of the school year next week! 
Below are some notes from the week, and some areas for follow up with the students: 
1. We are excited to begin the academic evaluation process next week as the students will be taking the Start Strong assessment! Once completed, we will begin to analyze the data, and plan our instruction. This process, coupled with a focus on the prerequisite skills of each  grade level will help us to close any gaps in learning that may have developed, and allow us a clear instructional path for the individual goals of our students!
2. We are now 5 days into "the first 6 weeks of school" plan as it relates to our Responsive Classroom model and student social emotional learning. Your children have been part of discussions in each of their classes related to the appropriate expectations and procedures for each of their different learning environments. The students' input is a valued part of the decision making process as each student/class expresses what their individual needs are in order to have a successful school year in each class. This process is particularly important this year as we continue to reacclimate the students to day to day school life and living and working in a school community again. It cannot be overstated enough how difficult returning to full time school has been for so many students. We are addressing these issues using the principles of Responsive Classroom and our core values of CARES. It is an ongoing process, but an extremely important one, as is the academic piece we are also addressing as outlined in the above point.  
3. Please remind your children of the school and district policy related to cell phones. All student cell phones should be kept in their lockers, or if in grades 4 or 5, in their backpacks. Students are not permitted to have their cell phones on them during the day. Should a student have their phone on them after receiving a warning, the phone will be brought to the main office, and a parent will need to pick the phone up in person. We appreciate your follow up and support as it relates to this policy.
4. Please be reminded that our school is equipped with refillable water bottle stations.  Please provide your child a refillable water bottle if you choose, and students can use the stations to refill throughout the day. We do not provide refillable water bottles to students. 
5. Thank you all for your diligence and attention to our entrance and exit and drop off and pick up procedures! We have recently reminded the students that they must exit the building through the same doors that they enter. Again, your follow up and reminders on this point to the children is greatly appreciated! 
6. Back to School NIght information will be forthcoming next week!
Thank you all so much for your support and assistance! We hope you all have an excellent weekend with your children and families! 
Be well,
Mr. Veit