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Autumn in November

KG What the Teacher Wants Regular



*Please refer to the "Calendar" link above for upcoming tests and events!

*Go to the "Extra Help" link for websites to help you in Math and Language Arts!




KG What the Teacher Wants Regular


In Math we are learning about Triangles and Quadrilaterals!


KG What the Teacher Wants Regular

*In Language Arts we are reading George Washington Socks and writing Research Essays! 


*Don't forget the 40 Book Challenge! Our class has been doing an incredible job boosting our reading time. What are your reading goals? How will you achieve your goal? 

*Students are now submitting their reading responses on Google Classroom!


3,2,1….2  Reading Response




You included a three sentence or longer summary of what your read this week.


You included two words or phrases you found interesting and you included an explanation of what they mean and why they are interesting to you.


You included one wondering about what you have read this week.


You have responded to two of your classmates.


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KG What the Teacher Wants Regular


In Social Studies we are learning about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War!


KG What the Teacher Wants Regular


In Science we are learning about Space! (Chapter 6)